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After deciding on the pieces for the second issue of Efiko Magazine, we realised the sheer breadth of themes covered. You’ll find a personal account of Nigeria’s NYSC scheme, you’ll find a woman advising her former lover’s new lover. We wondered if there was a grand unifier. If there is, it is fealty: each writer’s fealty to words, to setting down a story, an idea, an experience that requires telling and, of course, reading.

Efiko Mag Image - Rumbi Munochiveyi Essay
2 Cups Of Sex For The African Woman, Please?
By Rumbi Munochiveyi | Essay

Through their love and life stories, we learn about the varied experiences of African women from different backgrounds and stages of life. 

Efiko Mag Image - Chimezie Chika Essay
Spirit Wife, Spirit Life
By Chimezie Chika | Essay

My journey began long before I knew I was on a journey, long before I knew that I was not alone. How old was I? Two? Three? Four?

Efiko Mag - Entwined female symbols, male symbol in middle
Masterclass For My Ex’s New Girl
By Ucheoma Onwutuebe | Fiction

Have you ever been to Bush Bar? There is always a first time. When his car pulls into the untarred road and you see a mud house…

Like A Pawn
By Ifeanyichukwu Eze | Fiction

Today, everything, even the thud of his black moccasin on the brown laden path hums of the feelings brewing in his chest from…


Efiko Mag -abstract photo
The Trials Of A Witch
By Mujahid Ameen Lilo | Fiction

We called our stepmom a witch. She looked like one. Her little eyes that looked like a cat’s with their foreboding stares, her…


My Therapist Kept Smiling At My Tricks
By Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto | Poetry

I have picked ripe and rotten mangoes by the flag and made them into a mosaic: let everyone know…

Efiko Mag Image for Shitta Faruq Poem
To A Poetry Editor About Weightless Gravity
By Shitta Faruq | Poetry

In this poem, i remain a dog, barking at the unseen in the middle of the night,
Measuring its agitations by a quadratic formula,…


What Is The Weight Of An Unspoken Farewell?
By Fadairo Tesleem | Essay

In my final year as a secondary school student, I asked a girl what she would bring to school for me the following day. She said…

Efiko Mag - Image for Othuke Umukoro Poem
Collocation, Saudade 
By Othuke Umukoro | Poetry

In the grand canyon of things, have I been calling to dry sprigs, descending into sediment like infauna? Late at night making love.

Efiko Mag Image - Chiemeziem Everest Udochukwu Essay - NYSC
But NYSC Is Just A Year
By Chiemeziem Everest Udochukwu | Essay

I had lived my university life with little drama, coveting the VIP aura of corps members, their crested vests and khaki trousers…


Efiko Mag - Images of Cocoons
Which Way Is Forward?
By Akìgbógun Olúwatúnmiṣe Michael | Fiction

“Grief is a most peculiar thing; we’re so helpless in the face of it. It’s like a window that will simply open of its own accord…

Two coloured drops
By Amina Akinola | Poetry

A few hours later, you were trying to rebuke grief. You smiled, leg-working, lori iro to the rhythm…



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