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Our 4th edition takes you across Africa: to Lagos, Harare, Enugu, Maputo, Abuja, and at least one airport. We have prizewinning writers, mid-career talents, and incoming marvels. A writer takes a wild ride through Lagos in danfos, the city’s storied vehicles of chaos. Another traces the history of a troubled African people over decades. A poet considers the tangible and intangible baggage of travel...

In this Issue

Tony was a divorcee and men like that often had no qualms about walking away a second time. His first wife was a White lady and they had two children together

Pai Nosso - Bolanle Alashe - Efiko image
Pai Nosso
By Bolanle Alashe | Poetry

Perhaps, you will discover what your daughters did with their bodies…

Tolu Ogunlesi - Nothing to Declare - Efiko image
Nothing To Declare
By Tolu Ogunlesi | Poetry

In the days to come your dreams will collide
with deadlines, as you pursue meaning
across dusty heatscapes imbued with hustle.

Munachimso Ochiabutor - Cracks Tend to Widen - Efiko image
Cracks Tend To Widen
By Munachimso OchiabutorFiction

“Doctor, what you’re saying isn’t possible. My wife is AS and I am AA.”  

Mubanga Kalimamukwento: Will This Time Be Different For You? - Efiko image
Will This Time Be Different For You?
By Mubanga Kalimamukwento | Essay

So, when the Electoral Commission of Zambia announces a name other than the one they had ticked X on in the ballot box, you stir.

Zulaikhah Oyíndàmọ́lá Àgòrò - No Peace in A Lagos Bus - Efiko image
No Peace In A Lagos Bus
By Zulaikhah Oyíndàmọ́lá Àgòrò | Essay

Ọbaníbàshírí is a special, limited-edition remedy for bad-luck, and it will only set you back ₦200. All you need is a bottle of Mirinda or Fanta at any temperature. Not Coca-Cola…

Zenas Ubere - To J.P. Clark - Efiko image
To J.P. Clark, On Ibadan
By Zenas Ubere | Essay

When I remember you, the image that comes to mind is one where you are mid-stride, with Achebe and Soyinka, on your way to see Babangida…

Zama Madinana - Maputo - Efiko image
By Zama Madinana | Poetry

maputo, i am not ready to go back
to that freezing johannesburg.

Valerie Chatindo - The Flowers Don't Bloom In Winter - Efiko image
The Flowers Don’t Bloom In Winter
By Valerie Tendai Chatindo | Fiction

Sure, they cheated with the slay Queens but when it came down to the real business, they needed to feel that their money was safe…

Chizitere Madeleine Nwaemesi - Blac' Tax - Efiko image
Blac’ Tax
By Chizitere Madeleine Nwaemesi | Fiction

I don’t mind that he pesters younger women for sex or seduce them with neat naira bundles and expensive scents…

Angola - Niran Okewole - Efiko image
By Niran Okewole | Poetry

I am a poet living in a kibbutz, hallucinating
the annoyance of an itinerant tailor…

Nzube Ifechukwu - A Different Kind of Bliss - Efiko image
A Different Kind Of Bliss
By Nzube Ifechukwu | Fiction

Her mother told her that her father was angry and considered Okon a congenital cheat…

Chimezie Chika - Suffering Is Literature’s Big Game - Efiko image
Suffering Is Literature’s Big Game
By Chimezie Chika | Essay

In my own Igbo culture, human suffering is believed to be an integral component of life

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