EFIKO is an online literary magazine with a focus on Africa as both place and perspective. It is the definitive publication for bookish folks interested in Africa.

Our founders, Ladi Opaluwa and Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, set up the magazine to bring the best writing from and about the continent to readers who may live in Dekina, Damaturu, Dakar, or Denmark. Our ideal writers and readers know (or would like to know) who Duncan Hannah is, have listened to Osayomore Joseph, and are able to absorb an argument for the Aare Ona Kakanfo title. They love culture and take ideas seriously.

Because we do not intend to become a toothless African literary magazine, we are heavily interested in engaging with the way we live now—and our only bias is for honest, great writing.

So, send us your football dispatch. Tell us about your first job, your tech start-up, your first love. If you made or lost money on a deal and lived to reflect on it, send it in. If you have a serious report on the elections in your LG/council/country, submit it. If you got catfished on Twitter, share the story with us. Our guideline is a simple one: If you can write it in great prose, we will consider it. Just make sure you are African—or writing a piece concerning Africa.

Alongside fiction and poetry, we publish literary reviews, humour pieces, essays, interviews, and analyses.

We pay flat fees. There’s an amount of money for prose writing that comes in above 2500 words. Below that figure, we pay a smaller amount of money. That may change. For now, everything is free to read. That, too, may change. We (try to) publish one edition every quarter.

For pitches, replies, and corrections, email us at editors@efikomag.com.

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