By Jimoh Abdullah

& though I have lived so long in darkness,

tonight I climb out of the cave to look up

at the moonlit sky who sees me first and smiles.

God knows, happiness and the sky long to see me

like villagers yearning for the moon to step out

Tonight I smelt my aches,

shapeshift them into click beetles and watch

as they fly away with the little light they steal

from the moon I have become. Tonight, the

rubble I’m collecting are bright diamonds not

ruin that my palms are used to. In my dream

tonight, mum is not saying toughen up, when it’s

time, your eagle will soar. I see her munching

the fruit salad made by her L comprising

pineapple, diced cucumber, watermelon and

red apple. The juice of the fruits – her joy –

moistens her lips that was dry for years

from kissing grief. & now she says

alhamdulillah, a bird is coming. 


Abdullah Jimoh O. is a linguist and a budding writer. He finds delight in creativity. He is an NLP(Natural language processing) enthusiast. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in the Mudroom, Kalahari Review and Afritondo.