My Therapist Kept Smiling At My Tricks
By Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto | Poetry

I have picked ripe and rotten mangoes by the flag and made them into a mosaic:
let everyone know about the…

Efiko Mag Image for Shitta Faruq Poem
To A Poetry Editor About Weightless Gravity
By Shitta Faruq | Poetry

In this poem, i remain a dog, barking at the unseen in the middle of the night,
Measuring its agitations by a quadratic formula,…

Efiko Mag - Image for Othuke Umukoro Poem
Collocation, Saudade 
By Othuke Umukoro | Poetry

In the grand canyon of things, have I been calling to dry sprigs, descending into sediment like infauna? Late at night making love,…

By Amina Akinola | Poetry

for R, in memory of Domo A few hours later, you were trying to rebuke grief. You smiled, leg-working, lori iro to the rhythm of…



My Loneliness Is Killing Me
By Warsan Shire | Poetry

He smokes until he sees something moving in the smoke, remembers Joy like blindness: swimming at Jazeera Beach, gorging on…


By Samuel A. Adeyemi | Poetry

When they walked into the cathedral, God watched them walk. When the bullets prepared to  leave the gun, they left the…

Little Inhabitants
By Ernest Ogunyemi | Poetry

The poet wakes in the middle of the night to find that his room, Barely enough for his lean body, is a megacity for the little…

By Ahmed Hussain | Poetry

I am a sun, rising over a field of hays but once, I was a rose flower blooming amidst leaves of faded greens. For centuries…

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